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Expivotal Youth

Expivotal Youth Enrichment, our youngest brand exemplifies our commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of young individuals. In collaboration with talented university students and our extensive community network, Expivotal Youth Enrichment Team spearheads interactive social projects designed to engage and empower the youth.

OUR Latest Project

Mental Health Youth Advocate Programme 2023

Pioneer Project

Our theme in 2023 is ‘Youth Mental Health’. This project is the first of its kind to promote youth mental well-being through engaging young people with psychology and business professionals who can empower and inspire them to make an impact in their personal lives, at their schools, in society and the world. 

Insightful Minds Speaker Series

Gain valuable insights from esteemed industry experts in psychology as they share their expertise in both career development and mental health. This series brings together a diverse lineup of 18 guest speakers, each hailing from various mental health and psychology backgrounds.

Through their engaging presentations and personal experiences, these professionals empower and inspire young individuals to navigate their career paths while prioritising their mental well-being.

Empowerment Workshops

Dive into transformative workshops meticulously crafted to empower young individuals with essential skills for personal and professional growth. From enhancing public speaking and communication abilities, to discovering the power of design thinking, these interactive and dynamic workshops provide practical tools and techniques to unlock youth’s potential and navigate the challenges of today’s world.

Impact Challenge

Groups of mental health advocate participated in an exciting case competition that encourages young minds to apply their acquired knowledge and skills to propose innovative solutions addressing youth mental health challenges. They were able to showcase their creativity, critical thinking, and teamwork while making a real difference in the lives of young people.

From Imagine to Impact

Become A Change-maker

At Expivotal, we nurture youth and empower them to become change-makers who shape a better tomorrow.

Career Voyage

Embark on an immersive journey of career exploration, where young individuals can discover their passions, potentials, and various pathways to success.

Connect & Catalyse

Unleash the power of networking opportunities as young participants forge meaningful connections with professionals, mentors, and like-minded peers, creating a network that fuels their personal and professional growth.

Real-World Immersion

Gain invaluable hands-on experience through immersive activities, projects, and simulations that bridge the gap between theory and practice, cultivating practical skills and enhancing readiness for the real world.

Skills Amplified

Develop a robust toolkit of hard skills relevant to the modern landscape, equipping young individuals with the technical competencies and expertise needed to excel in their chosen fields.

Mastering the Art

Cultivate essential soft skills, such as effective communication, leadership, and teamwork, empowering young participants to navigate challenges, collaborate effectively, and thrive in diverse environments.

Wellness Empowerment

Prioritise mental well-being with dedicated sessions, resources, and practices designed to foster resilience, self-care, and emotional intelligence, nurturing the holistic development of young individuals.

Youth Enrichment Team

From Dreams to Changes

Expivotal Youth serves as a catalyst for positive change, fostering a sense of purpose and instilling valuable life lessons in the next generation. If you wish to join us to be a change-maker or be part of our industry partners, feel free to drop us a message.


Our Ultimate Visions


Sustainable Impact

We try to incorporate ESG principles into our programme each year in order to ensure our educational efforts have a lasting positive effect on both young individuals and the world around us.


Inclusive Empowerment

We value diversity, equity, and inclusion as fundamental pillars of our work. By empowering and amplifying diverse voices, we promote equity and create opportunities for everyone to participate and excel.


Responsible Citizenship

We actively engage in initiatives that address social challenges and support community development. By embracing our role as agents of positive change, we inspire young individuals to become responsible global citizens themselves.

Our Gratitude and Appreciation

We're proud of collaborating with our valued guests and partners

Event Highlights

We collaborate with more than 20 parties to enrich our youth in the community.

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