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Youth Enrichment Team

Youth Enrichment Team

The youth enrichment team is composed of a group of university students who are dedicated to driving social impact with the essence of psychology and business knowledge. Students are empowered to lead innovative social and business projects with the supervision of our board of advisors.

Our latest project

Mental Health Youth Advocate Programme 2023

Our theme in this year’s programme is ‘Youth Mental Health’. This project is the first-of-its-kind to promote youth mental well-being through engaging young people with psychology and business professionals who can empower and inspire them to make an impact in their personal life, at their schools, in society and in the world. 

Guest Speaker Series

Career and mental health sharing by our industry experts in psychology.

Upskilling Workshops

Enhance students’ whole-person development via our practical and useful workshops.

Case Competition

Put knowledge into practice by solving a real-life mental health-related issue.

Programme Features

Career Exploration

Explore the ‘unusual’ career paths in Hong Kong

Networking Opportunities

Interact with our mentors to expand your social and business network

Hands-on Experience

Make an impact by proposing creative and practical solutions to a real-life issue

Hard Skills

Learn about and develop top in-demand workplace future skills

Soft Skills

Develop all-round interpersonal skills to prepare for future career

Mental Wellness

Get a taste of a series of trending relaxation activities

Event Highlights

Thank you to our Guests

Our Student Team

Twinkle Chan

Mental health, your wealth. May mental health be your greatest asset and not a liability.

Kelvin Leung

CityU Graduate in Psychology
Destigmatisation of mental disorders requires long-term efforts in society. Meanwhile, I strongly believe that YOU can play a big part in it as well through understanding more about the everyday mental health of YOURSELF, which is the first step towards creating a society without any destigmatisation in mental health.

Ken Leung

HKU Year 3 History, Psychology and Counselling
As someone who loves exploring, I believe that psychology is not a field of study that only focuses on mental health and destigmatization. There are still a variety of factors that are worth discussing regarding the correlation between human beings and psychology.

Tybal Chung

PolyU Year 2 Translation & Linguistics
I've always been fascinated by the intricacies of the human mind and behaviour. I believe that understanding the complexities of the human mind is crucial for personal growth and development, as well as building strong relationships and creating positive change in the world, which is my ultimate goal.

Nicole Su

CUHK Year 3 Medicine
I see mental health as a cornerstone to our general health – equally if not more important to eating nutritious meals, exercising regularly, and getting adequate sleep. So what can we do to protect it, nurture it and strengthen it?

Dale Wong

CUHK Year 2 Psychology
To survive, live and strive in such a hustled city like Hong Kong, to revisit and befriend with our own inner world is a secret power that has yet to be developed by many of us. It is of utmost significance for us to gain knowledge, and more importantly, enact change to maintain our inner peace to conquer the stressful reality.

Helen Yam

CityU Year 4 Psychology
Life is full of challenges. Sometimes we would be exhausted because of the world. Take some rest and take care of yourselves, and you will find that life is wonderful too.

Maika Kogawara

HKIS Grade 12
Take it slow. Go out on a walk, go out with friends, get that extra sleep in. We need to allocate time for ourselves to unwind. Mental health is a combination of psychological, emotional and social well being. If even one aspect is disregarded we won’t be able to achieve our best condition.

Naomi Mak

HKCC Associate Graduate in Applied Social Sciences (Psychology)

Naomi Mak

HKCC Associate Graduate in Applied Social Sciences (Psychology)

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