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Youth Enrichment Team

Youth Enrichment Team

The youth enrichment team is composed of a group of university students who are dedicated to driving social impact with the essence of psychology and business knowledge. Students are empowered to lead innovative social and business projects with the supervision of our board of advisors.

Our latest project

Youth Flourishing Programme 2023

Our theme in this year’s programme is ‘Youth Mental Health’. This project is the first-of-its-kind to promote youth mental well-being through engaging young people with psychology and business professionals who can empower and inspire them to make an impact in their personal life, at their schools, in society and in the world. 

Programme Highlight

Guest Speaker Series

Career and mental health sharing by our industry experts in psychology.

Upskilling Workshops

Enhance students’ whole-person development via our practical and useful workshops.

Case Competition

Put knowledge into practice by solving a real-life mental health-related issue.

Programme Features

Career Exploration

Explore the ‘unusual’ career paths in Hong Kong

Networking Opportunities

Interact with our speakers and mentors to expand your social and business network

Hands-on Experience

Make an impact by proposing creative and practical solutions to a real-life issue

Hard Skills

Learn about and develop top in-demand workplace future skills

Soft Skills

Develop all-round interpersonal skills to prepare for future career

Mental Healthcare

Get a taste of a series of trending relaxation activities

Our Student Team

Ken Leung

HKU Year 3 History, Psychology and Counselling
Unlike other psychology major students who heavily highlight destigmatisation and mental health, I believe that there is still a variety of reasons that worth a discussion on psychology. Such a cliché pushes me to explore more in this realm.


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