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Workforce Planning

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73% of the leaders have experienced talent shortfalls leading to missed business objectives as a result of poor workforce planning.

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Only 34% of organizations have a focus on increasing employee engagement despite the powerful positive effect it grants.

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44% of organisations rely on 3 or more internal systems to handle their workforce management processes which is time-consuming.

A Clear Performance Target

KPI x Competency = Performance Target

According to the Goal-setting Theory, a clear and specific target could ultimately motivate employees to work productively. Expivotal’s Competency-Based Workforce Planning (CBWP) solution provides focus for gathering information about job behaviours, formulating a new framework of Key Performance Indicators, allowing employees and managers to assess their job performance evidently.

The last piece of the puzzle

We understand even human resources experts will be struggling in the challenges of limited budget and downsizing. Expivotal’s CBWP solution helps employers to restructure the workforce with the right talents. While leaders could make good use of the right talents, talents are allowed to reach their full potential at the right position, leading to a vibrant and motivational workplace.

Horses for Courses

People-Centric Research

Knowing your people inside out

The only solution to perfect talent management is to research your own employees. Expivotal employs a robust and systematic research methodology in organisations to conduct employee research across more than 15 different people management topics, including employee stress, job satisfaction, and team commitment. Human resources team can hence use the results to corroborate various workforce management statistics and records

The penetration power of ‘Competency’

A competency model offers a crystal-clear focal point of talent management strategy. The correctly identified competencies could penetrate the whole HR cycle from recruitment, selection, onboarding, development, performance management, to succession planning. With the implementation of a refined competency structure, all levels of stakeholders in your company could benefit in their current goals and sustainable development.

A Overhaul of Talent Management Strategy

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