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A successful company requires a unique set of competencies

David McClelland, Emeritus Professor at Havard University

Science-Driven Solutions

Talent Selection

Select the FIT talent with competency assessment

Employee Training

Develop talent to be a leader and a team player

Workforce Planning

Establish a sustainable talent management system

Why Competency-Based Management

People-Centric Management

Talent is always the key to the success of an enterprise. Unlike the conventional ability-focused approach, competency captures a unique but comprehensive picture of each employee’s core characteristics, allowing you to better identify high potential talent and predict their performance. Combined with an accurate, fair and objective performance management system, you can pinpoint their training needs and design appropriate development programmes which help them achieve their full potential.

Synchronisation In Strategic Planning

Corporates should align an internal strategic plan with an external competitive strategy to maximise the effectiveness in business planning. Today, the Global 500 have emphasised the pivotal linkage of ‘Competency’ between human resources management and the overall business strategic planning. With ‘Competency’ setting the foundation of a talent management system, one can coordinate talent selection, training, performance management, and succession planning instantaneously.

All-round solutions to fit your needs

While corporates are competing for knowledge workers to be their valuable assets, a competency-based selection is inevitably required to attract the right talent. With the aid of psychometric tools, employees will become a natural fit to their job positions, granting them an opportunity to shine.

We Offer

  • 360° Job Analysis
  • Candidate Competency Assessment
  • Individual Competency Reports
  • Competency-based Interview Design
  • Assessment Centre Development

Employee Training

A team of competent and engaged employees is key to your success as an industry leader. With our robust and diverse training programmes specifically designed to enhance employee’s competency at work, employees will not only be able to transfer their learnings to the real work environment, but also become committed to their job with the increased work motivation, job satisfaction and self-efficacy.

We Offer

  • Training Need Analysis
  • Multi-level Competency Assessment
  • Competency Development Report
  • Leadership Training
  • Individual and Team Competency Training
  • 壓力管理工作坊

An agile and sustainable talent management strategy is essential in this ever-changing era. With our people management solution, enterprises can effectively organise their workforce to achieve their business goals. Our team of specialists will establish the competency framework through job analysis, employee assessment, and competency mapping, providing enterprise an easy-to-execute solution to develop talent and improve the overall productivity of the workforce continuously.

We Offer

  • Customised Competency Framework
  • Integration of Competency to Talent Management
  • Clinical Assessment of Performance Management System
  • Performance Management System Upgrade
  • Organisation-wide Employee Attitude and Wellbeing Research

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