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Harness the power of emotions for personal and professional success


Emotional Intelligence, often referred to as EQ, is the ability to recognise, understand, manage, and effectively utilise your own emotions and the emotions of others. It involves perceiving, expressing, and navigating emotions in a way that fosters empathy, effective communication, and harmonious relationships.


Why this training?

Enhanced Relationships

Developing emotional intelligence enhances your ability to build and maintain positive relationships, both personally and professionally.

Improved Communication

EQ empowers you to communicate more effectively, fostering understanding and empathy, which is particularly vital in the workplace.

Effective Leadership

For leaders and managers, emotional intelligence is a key to motivating, inspiring, and leading teams to success.

What to expect

EQ Assessment

Understand your current emotional intelligence and learn to identify areas for growth, enabling you to tailor your personal and professional development.

Emotion Regulation

Develop skills to manage and harness your emotions effectively, both in daily life and challenging situations.

Empathy and Social Awareness

Learn to recognise and empathise with the emotions of others, fostering better relationships and improved teamwork.

Conflict Resolution

Utilise emotional intelligence to navigate and resolve conflicts constructively, reducing stress and fostering healthier relationships.

Do you know that...

$ 1 k

Individuals with higher emotional intelligence tend to earn an average of $29,000 more per year compared to those with lower EQ.

1 %

Teams led by leaders with high emotional intelligence are 33% more likely to achieve their goals and experience higher job satisfaction.

1 %

Organisations that prioritise emotional intelligence in their workforce report 50% lower turnover rates and 20% higher employee productivity.

Strategic Employee Development


Stimulate Self-Awareness

Our training can be applied to all industries and job positions at all levels. Employees are assessed with robust and reliable psychometric tools to identify their strengths and development areas. With tailor-designed individual and team training, employees are promised to unleash their potential and bring their success to the next level.

Competency-Based Development

Starting with a need analysis to identify the priority of training needs of each individual and team. Through redefining job roles and responsibilities, we help trainers to analyse the skills gaps of employees, formulate dynamic training plans, and design fitting programmes to ensure the training goals are essentially attained.

Aligned With Business Strategy

A standardised and behaviour-oriented strategy helps employers focus their attention on the ‘success factors’. By identifying and comparing each competency among a pool of job candidates, analysing the development potential of shortlisted talents, recruiters are allowed to make their final hiring decision in the most confident, reasonable, and fair manner.

Transfer of Learning

Our programmes are anchored with the goals of transfer of learning. We design the training sessions according to individual needs and realistic work situations in order to maximise the effectiveness of learning of employees. With the interactive content and the post-training evaluation, we ensure your employees are confident to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the appropriate situations



Our workshop offerings are customisable and are offered in a variety of formats, including onsite training and online virtual sessions.

Each programme is designed with different lengths, varied from 3 hours (half day), 7 hours (full day), to 14 hours (2 days).

All training is priced per group, not per person. Get a quotation from us now.

Our typical package includes trainer fees, training materials for on-site training and activities, and a complimentary media package with event photos and video highlights. In some programmes, assessments will be included before, during, and/or after the training.

Our consultant team will work with you throughout the training service, including pre-training telephone communication to discuss customised training needs and post-training follow-up and support.

Our trainers are accredited members from different professional bodies including the British Psychological Society and The Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology.

Talk to our consultant to discuss your training needs. We offer more than 25 different topics of training programmes and seminars.

Fill in the enquiry form below and our team will contact you through phone or email as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please call us at +852-5504-6929. 

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