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Empowering Transformation Across Disciplines

Expivotal delivers specialised services and reaches the community through four key brands.

Compassion at work

Expivotal Workforce

Expivotal Workforce is our top consulting brand, specialising in workforce management solutions such as staffing, skilling, culture development, and resilience training. We help organisations navigate the dynamic business landscape with strategic initiatives.

Expivotal Career

Expivotal Career empowers individuals in their career development. We offer a wide range of services for all career levels, including support for employability, skill development, and creating professional profiles. We also cater to the needs of communities and campuses, adapting to the changing talent market. Our goal is to equip clients to navigate the job market successfully.

Expivotal Perspective

Expivotal Perspective is our newest addition. It provides psychology-based business insights and research papers on workplace topics. We aim to raise awareness about self-development and Industrial-Organisational Psychology through thought-provoking content that sparks conversations and deepens understanding of the professional realm.

Expivotal Youth

Expivotal Youth Enrichment is our brand dedicated to making a positive impact on young individuals. We collaborate with talented university students and our community network to lead interactive social projects that engage and empower the youth. Through this brand, we aim to inspire and equip young individuals with skills, resources, and opportunities to thrive, driving meaningful social impact and fostering personal growth.




  • Employee Wellness and Resilience
  • Talent Development and Training
  • Career Acceleration Programme
  • Career Coaching
  • 面試準備
  • CV升級修改
  • Employment Readiness Training
  • Assessment Centre Preparation
  • Career Coaching on Campus

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Recognised for Excellence

We are proud to have been recognised as the 2024 ‘Most Outstanding Workplace Psychology Consultant.‘ This prestigious award is a testament to our team’s unwavering commitment to driving transformative change within the organisations we serve.

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