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Employee Wellness Report

Discover how our employee wellness report boosts workplace health and wellbeing.

Prioritising mental health: a key to a thriving workplace.

Empower your team

Our Wellbeing Report

Empower your team by recognizing the importance of mental health just as you do with physical health. Prioritise your employees’ well-being by offering mental health check-ups. Investing in mental health support can lead to a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce.

By evaluating physical and mental wellbeing, we can empower your team to perform at their best, leading to increased productivity and a more engaged workforce.

Measuring job satisfaction and belonging allows us to pinpoint areas for improvement, enhancing employee satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately reducing turnover and retaining valuable team members. 

Assessing employee efficacy enables us to identify development opportunities and training needs, empowering your team to reach new heights and drive performance.

By measuring company environment culture and support, we can help foster a supportive and inclusive culture that promotes teamwork, morale, and overall satisfaction among your employees.

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Employee Wellbeing Index

Measure more than 30 wellbeing-related constructs to support your employee wellness strategies.

Gain in-depth knowledge about each construct through an expert approach and assess it within the industry context.

Wellbeing Service in Case

A prominent multinational insurance and financial services company came to us to look for solutions in revamping their employee training and development strategies to prioritise holistic health. Additionally, they aimed to improve employee compensation and benefits to attract and retain top talent.

They sought a comprehensive and structured wellbeing framework spanning 12 months that would not only enhance employee engagement and wellbeing but also address the need for competitive compensation and benefits packages.

Let’s see how we worked together and achieve resilience across all levels of employees.

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