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Expivotal is a consultancy focusing on people in the workplace. Our organisational psychologists and consultants integrate capabilities with our trainers, health professionals, and data analysts to answer – how your people work in the right way, now and next.

Expivotal’s worldwide expert and research bases power our trusted services, helping our corporate and community clients to realise holistic people and organisational growth for years to come. Our service clients range from the best companies among industries to education institutions, covering aspects of wellness and resilience, talent and organisational development, collaboration enhancement, workplace inclusion and sustainability, sales and branding communication, and personal career success.

Together, we shape better minds for future work.



Professional & Applicable Psychology

We understand the significance of leveraging psychological principles to drive meaningful change in organisations and individuals alike. With our expertise and deep understanding of human behaviour, we empower our clients to navigate challenges, optimise performance, and cultivate a positive and inclusive work environment.


Integrative Capabilities

We believe that true transformation occurs when diverse perspectives and disciplines come together harmoniously. By integrating different methodologies and approaches, we are able to develop innovative solutions and customise strategies that align with your needs and goals, ensuring a well-rounded and effective consulting experience.


Research & Evidence Bases

We recognise that informed decision-making and sustainable solutions are grounded in reliable data and rigorous scientific inquiry. Our team is committed to stay up-to-date with the latest research findings and industry trends to ensure that our recommendations are evidence-based and backed by robust empirical support.


Our team of over 40+ psychologists, consultants, healthcare professionals, analysts, and in-house industry experts works together under the following specialties:

Business & Strategy
Consulting Services – Assessment & Advisory
Organisation Resilience
Editorial, Research & Development
Partner & Stakeholder Network

Business Portrait (Male)

Erwin Chan

Managing Director

Cindy Leung

Clinical Consultant

Marvin Dadischeck

Wellbeing Specialist
Nate - Website Team

Nate Yen

Business Consultant
Ed - Website Team

Ed Li

Counselling Psychologist

Twinkle Chan

YET Chairperson

Kelvin Leung

YET Chairperson


Nov 2019
Expivotal Consultancy is established, with an aim to bring Industrial-Organisational Psychology to real-world business.
Nov 2019
Feb 2020
Assessment Tool On Our Own
Expivotal has created POLAR, a competency assessment tool for individual clients, that provides systematic talent analysis and evidence-based career coaching.
Feb 2020
Sept 2020
Growing Through Online
Organising 20+ online training sessions, Expivotal has reached more than 1000 people who endorse and use our services afterwards. We particularly focus on the topic of stress management amidst dynamic environments like COVID-19. Today, Expivotal actively utilises online platforms and social media for engagements.
Sept 2020
Jan 2021
Presence in Corporates and Campuses
Expivotal increasingly works with corporates and universities on talent development and career development, starting a practice dedicated to serving organisational clients, including developing a series of topics for training and workshops for corporates.
Jan 2021
Sept 2022
Youth Enrichment
The Youth Enrichment Team is founded and is composed of a group of aspiring youth who are dedicated to driving social impact with the essence of psychology and business knowledge.
Sept 2022
Jan 2023
Extensive Coverage
Our career clinic has successfully served over 3,000 individuals from diverse backgrounds, representing more than 24 industries. We have also garnered a following of over 5,000 on Instagram and maintain active engagement on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and podcasts.
Jan 2023


Expivotal delivers specialised services and reaches the community through four key brands.

Compassion at work

Expivotal Workforce

Expivotal Workforce is our top consulting brand, specialising in workforce management solutions such as staffing, skilling, culture development, and resilience training. We help organisations navigate the dynamic business landscape with strategic initiatives.

Expivotal Career

Expivotal Career empowers individuals in their career development. We offer a wide range of services for all career levels, including support for employability, skill development, and creating professional profiles. We also cater to the needs of communities and campuses, adapting to the changing talent market. Our goal is to equip clients to navigate the job market successfully.

Expivotal Perspective

Expivotal Perspective is our newest addition. It provides psychology-based business insights and research papers on workplace topics. We aim to raise awareness about self-development and Industrial-Organisational Psychology through thought-provoking content that sparks conversations and deepens understanding of the professional realm.

Expivotal Youth

Expivotal Youth Enrichment is our brand dedicated to making a positive impact on young individuals. We collaborate with talented university students and our community network to lead interactive social projects that engage and empower the youth. Through this brand, we aim to inspire and equip young individuals with skills, resources, and opportunities to thrive, driving meaningful social impact and fostering personal growth.


Address: Room 228, 2C, Wui Wah Factory Building, 1035-1037 Yee Kuk West Street, Lai Chi Kok

Office Hour: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. (Mon to Fri) (Closed on Sat, Sun, and Public Holidays)

Phone: (+852) 5504-6929 (Phone Call & WhatsApp)

Email: (for general enquiries)


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