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Case Study #2

Employee Training and Development Programme

Client Background

Our client is a prominent player in the banking and finance sector, with a strong commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a culture of continuous learning and development. They identified a group of high-potential professionals within their organisation who showed promise and ambition to take on greater responsibilities in the future.

Client Challenges

The identified group of junior officers to assistant managers at our client company faced several challenges on their career growth journey. These challenges included:

  • Limited exposure to leadership and management principles: Many of the professionals lacked formal training in leadership and management, which hindered their ability to take on higher-level roles.
  • Need for enhanced strategic thinking: To excel in the dynamic banking and finance industry, professionals need to develop strategic thinking skills to navigate complex market conditions and make informed decisions.
  • Effective performance management: The ability to provide constructive feedback and manage performance is crucial for career advancement. Professionals needed guidance on how to deliver feedback effectively and foster a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Career planning and development: Professionals sought guidance in setting meaningful career goals, creating actionable plans, and aligning their personal growth with the organisation’s objectives.

Our Solution

We designed and delivered a comprehensive programme exclusively for our client company’s high-potential professionals. The key components of the solution included:

  1. Problem-Solving and Strategic Thinking: Through interactive workshops and practical exercises, participants were equipped with frameworks and techniques to effectively analyse complex problems, identify opportunities, and develop innovative solutions. The programme emphasised critical thinking, data analysis, and strategic decision-making to navigate the dynamic banking and finance landscape.
  2. Conflict Management: Recognising the importance of effective conflict resolution within a team environment, the programme provided participants with strategies and tools to manage and resolve conflicts constructively. They learned techniques for facilitating open dialogue, active listening, and negotiation, fostering a collaborative work culture that promotes productivity and positive relationships.
  3. Team Building and Development: The program emphasised the significance of strong teams in achieving organisational goals. Participants engaged in team-building activities and learned how to leverage individual strengths, foster effective communication, and promote synergy within their teams. They explored strategies for motivation, delegation, and empowerment to enhance team performance and cohesion.
  4. Career Planning and Development: Participants were granted opportunities to speak out to their peers on their personal vision, and how these visions align with the organisational goals. With the career coach and facilitator being the catalyst, senior leaders actively listened to the voices of their members and provided instant feedback to them on how to accelerate their careers at the organisation.

Problem-Solving and Strategic Thinking Training – Learn how to identify opportunities at work and develop innovative solutions

Conflict Management and Negotiation Training – Practise active listening and empathetic communication to facilitate conflict resolution

Team Building and Development Workshop – Discover individual strengths and contribute effectively to the team and organisational development

Results and Benefits

The collaboration between the client and Expivotal yielded remarkable results, empowering high-potential professionals to accelerate their career growth and achieve their performance goals. The outcomes of the programme were:

  • Enhanced Leadership Competencies: Participants developed a strong foundation in leadership principles, enabling them to lead teams more effectively and take on leadership roles with confidence.
  • Strategic Thinking Skills: Professionals gained the ability to think strategically, making informed decisions aligned with organisational goals and responding proactively to the dynamics of the environment.
  • Improved Performance Management: Participants acquired the skills to deliver constructive feedback, motivate their team members, and create a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Aligned Career Growth: The programme enabled participants to align their personal development plans with the organisation’s objectives, ensuring their career growth contributed to the overall success of the bank.


This project exemplifies the power of corporate career coaching in accelerating the growth and development of high-potential banking and finance professionals. By equipping these professionals with essential leadership skills, strategic thinking abilities, and effective performance management techniques, the programme successfully prepared them for future leadership roles within the organisation. With the programme’s positive impact on professional growth and career advancement, our client company continues to invest in the development of its talent, driving its success in the dynamic banking and finance industry.

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