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Our Team

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Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best solutions for people management and employee well-being. With the specialisations of each member, we form an all-around team to tackle all your people problems.  

Psychology as a way of life


Elvis Tse

Research & Development Director
Registered Industrial-Organisational Psychologist
Elvis is an experienced scientist-practitioner who brings research-informed solutions to corporate clients.
Meet Elvis

Psychology as a way of life

Our Team

Erwin Chan

Managing Director
Chief Consultant
Meet Erwin

Amy Moores

International Consultant
Work Psychologist

Marvin Dadischeck

International Consultant
Well-Being Specialist

Cindy Leung

Registered Clinical Psychologist
Clinical Consultant

Our Partners

Over the years, we worked with clients all over the world to help solve their people-related problems. What brought them to us is the belief of ‘people always matter the most in an organisation’.

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