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Predict Performance With
Competency-Based Solution

What is Competency?

Competency is a combination of motives, traits, self-concepts, attitudes or values, and any individual characteristic that can be reliably measured or counted and that can be shown to differentiate superior from average performers.

While every occupation and job position requires different unique sets of competency, Expivotal has invented POLAR assessment to help individuals and corporates to precisely measure one’s competencies at work.

Differences Between Competence and Competency

What is measured
How the standard is achieved
Level of Competence
Tendencies of competency
Standard attained
Manner of ‘successful’ behaviours
Individual level
Individual, team, and organisational level
Attributes of the job
Attributes of the person
Measured by skill and aptitude tests
Measured by competency assessment

Five Domains of Competency

A full competency assessment and a comprehensive competency-based management solution have to measure these sets of competency

Problem Solving

Describes how you approach, process, and solve a problem, which includes solution planning, implementation, and evaluation

Organising & Executing

Describes how you handle day-to-day job tasks, which includes detail-orientation, organisation and time management

Leading & Influencing

Describes how you interact with people in the workplace, which includes supportive, team building, and socialising


Describes how you achieve personal, team and organisational success, which includes industrious, enterprising, and initiative


Describes how you approach stress at work, and maintain well-being, which includes resilient, mindful, and adjusting

How does competency enhance your work?

Job Satifaction
+ 1 %

More than 70% of the work population feel satisfied with their job after completing a competency assessment

Productivity & Revenue
+ 1 %

Corporates which adopt a competency management model can achieve more than 54% increase in productivity and sales revenue

Training Efficiency
+ 1 %

Competency models have 156% greater ability to develop great leaders


Whether you are a student who wants to plan your career with a prosperous future, or you are a fresh graduate who wishes to find your ideal job, through exploring your competency, you can not only discover your strengths and potential in the workplace, but also achieve your career goals faster than ever with the in-depth self-understanding.


Workplace challenges require us to constantly take our job performance to the next level. By understanding competency, you will be able to find the strengths and characteristics that you possess, as well as to identify your unique work style and room for improvement, such that you can successfully achieve your career goals.

HR Professionals

With our sophisticated competency model, you are empowered to make informed decisions in talent selection, development, and performance appraisal with a comprehensive overview of your workforce, which ensures the employee development is perfectly in line with the corporate direction to achieve the organisational goal.

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