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Career is a life-long journey and there may be times that you feel lost and wish to seek help. Expivotal has provided you with a range of useful job resources, including personality assessments, well-being tests, practical job seeking materials, etc. With the support from us, we hope you can grow your career with us and we wish you every success in your future endeavours.

New Resources

Do you wish to have a bright start in 2022? Every new beginning starts with an early preparation. 

Whether you are a student, job holder, or job seeker, these 10 soft skills at the workplace would put you in an advantageous position in the competitive talent market.

So why hesitate? Equip yourself and be the best of the BEST.

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2022 Top 10 Most In-Demand Hard Skills

Looking forward to acquiring a new skill in the new year?
Take a look at the skills list and see how you could prepare yourself

Big Five Personality Test

Wish to learn your personality more?
Spend 1 minute to complete 15 questions from the renowned personality assessment in psychology

Perceived Stress Scale

Do you wish to know your stress level?
Use 1 minute to complete 14 questions and learn about your mental health state

General Health Questionnaire

How well is your mental health?
Let's have a brief check-up on your mental well-being

2030 Future of Work

What are the major shifts in the job market and organisation in the coming years? Find out how you can equip yourself and keep up to the newest trends

CV & Cover Letter Useful Vocabs

Lack of words to write your CV or Cover Letter?
Over 450 words are waiting for you to be put in your resume

COVID-19 Burnout Scale

How much does the pandemic change your life?
Understand your burnout level with 10 questions

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Work Psy-clopedia Series

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3-Step Selection Process in Large Corporations

Fun Ways of Recruitment

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What Are You Looking For in Your Next Training?

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