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Employee Development

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93% of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their careers.

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60% of your training budget is saved when the appropriate training intervention is applied.

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60% onboarding time is saved when a Competency-Based Training is implemented in your HR cycle.

Stimulate Self-Awareness

Introspection x Training = Potential

Expivotal’s CBT applies to all industries and job positions at all levels. Employees are assessed with our robust and reliable psychometric tools to identify their strengths and development areas. With a tailor-designed individual and team training, employees are promised to unleash their potential and bring their success to the next level.

Gap Closed ↔ Goals Achieved

A CBT need analysis is conducted to identify the priority of training needs of each individual and team. Through redefining job roles and responsibilities, we help trainers to analyse the skills gaps of employees, formulate dynamic training plans, and design fitting programmes to ensure the training goals are essentially attained.

Define Talent Development

Aligned With Business Strategy

Talent x Corporate = Win-Win

Our training content is diverse with more than 10 current hot topics in corporate management, including leadership training, team building, and stress management. All training programmes are designed with a top-down approach, that is defined by the organisational development needs, such that employees are trained to equip themselves as valuable assets to your organisation.

Applied learning at 100%

Expivotal’s CBT is anchored with the goals of transfer of learning. We design the training sessions according to individual needs and the realistic work situations in order to maximise the effectiveness of learning of employees. With the interactive content and the post-training evaluation, we ensure your employees are confident to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the appropriate situations.

Transfer of Learning

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