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Mental Health Training

Mental Health Training

Everyone should be trained to take care of their mental health at work. Our mental health and well-being training are comprehensive and integrative to the organisational goals. Training can be targeted to all employees, trainers, managers, people who returned to work.

Risk Protection

Identify psychosocial risks to mental health at work and take care of oneself and others.

Mental Health Promotion

Deliver universal organisational interventions to all the workforce.

Preventive Healthcare

Offer assistance to workers with emotional distress or people who are at risks.

Employee Support

Train for mental health literacy and awareness in workers with continuous support.

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Our solutions are built on the scientific study of human behaviours, which you can rely on to improve your performance, life, and wellbeing.



We are a team of accredited members from various professional psychology bodies, who you can trust to boost your organisational growth.



Our solutions are highly endorsed by business leaders across different industries as they see major practical values in adopting the innovative solution at their organisation.

Featured Article

Stress Management Intervention

Mental health problems are a leading cause of global disease burden, contributing to significant labour force loss, and costs trillions of US dollars in lost productivity annually. Grievously, 42% of workers across the globe are suffering from work stress, and the numbers climb up to 87% in Hong Kong.

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More Solutions

Talent Management

While corporates are competing for knowledge workers to be their valuable assets, a competency-based solution is inevitably required to attract the right talent. With the aid of psychometric tools, employees will become a natural fit to their job positions, granting them an opportunity to shine.

Employee Development

With our robust and diverse training programmes designed to enhance employee’s competency at work, employees will not only be able to transfer their learnings to the work environment, but also commit to their job with the increased motivation, job satisfaction, and self-efficacy.

Employee Wellbeing

In today's landscape, employee wellbeing can be essential to the success of your business. With our science-driven and human-centric method, we create engaging solutions to help you invest in your employee to unleash their true potential, as well as reinvent a sustainable corporate culture.


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