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Gen Z Employability Training

Members of Gen Z

A new generation has arrived

Gen Z is the new gem on the world stage. Being creative, voicing out their needs, taking up entrepreneurial projects. All these stereotypes or the reality? As Gen Z are a huge influence to the social and business world, we have to get to know them inside-out, work with them collaboratively in order to nurture their growth while boosting business performance.

1 %

Gen Z makes up more than 20% of the Hong Kong population and is expected to immerse in the labour market.

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50% of Millennials and Gen Z will live to the age of 100, and expect 10-12 jobs by age of 38.

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58% of companies are redesigning or planning to redesign their career model to prepare the needs of Gen Z.

What does Gen Z want

Money or Dream

Career Aspirations

Gen Z prefers to work in industries that they interact with in their personal lives and wish to make an influence to the social and global world.

Personal Reinvention

Gen Z rates development the #1 job benefit and proactive seeks out learning opportunities to enhance job-specific and industry-specific skills.

Digital Natives

Gen Z is born in the technological booming era where they are more attached to social media and technology than any other generation.

Career Hacker

Gen Z desires education, work, and leisure in a job. While others value work-life balance, they advocate work-life integration.

How to upskill Gen Z

Our Future Workforce

Management Trainee Training

We offer all-round training to young talents who are interested in MT programmes or are currently part of the programmes at an organisation. From learning the basic expectation of an MT to getting practical leadership training experience, we equip young talents to be future business leaders.

Soft Skills Training

Career management is a lifetime journey. We are ready to boost youth employment with 360° career support, starting with pre-employment training, job interview, to on-job support. With all the essential skills our trainers offered, young talents can land a suitable job and aspire in their career.

Career Coaching

We have served over 500 students, graduates, and working individuals with career coaching in a year. Our clients are from diverse industry backgrounds including education, engineering, finance, marketing, hospitality, and 20 other industries. With 1-to-1 consultation with our coach, supplemented with our POLAR competency report, our clients are confident to strive in their career.

"We live in a rapidly changing world, where we need to spend as much time rethinking as we do thinking." - Adam Grant

Redefinition of Work

It is now or never

Talent Management

The workforce demographics are changing vigorously, whereas the talent market is becoming more complex. Employers are always looking for multiple solutions to attract the best talents (Gen Z) to work for them. Our consultants are here to help employers to streamline the talent acquisition process, improve candidate feedback, and thus, enhance your employer brand.

Employee Engagement

Interacting with Gen Z is a new lesson for most managers and employers. From building trust and reinforcing the psychological contract, to providing daily support and offering reinvention opportunities, our consultants look forward to providing you with constructive employee engagement advice that is tailored to your Gen Z labour force.

Workforce Planning

The workforce market is evolving every day, which means companies have to fundamentally change how they organise, hire, retain, and develop talent. Our consultant team is devoted to embedding different innovative elements in your human resources cycle while aligning with your strategic development goals.

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