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Employee Wellbeing

Transform your workplace into a wellbeing hub.

Our Employee Wellbeing Solutions

Reinvest in your people

Employee Wellbeing Programme

We help you design well-being programmes from scratch and ensure the well-being level of employees is optimal such that performance and productivity are maintained consistently.
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Mental Health Training

Everyone should be trained to take care of their mental health at work. Not only does it save costs from any unproductive work, it helps people flourish and grow in their work and life.
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Work Design

Design your job and organisation to prepare for the future of work. Strategically transform your workplace into an employee-centric hub that everyone loves. It is now or never.
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Culture Audit

Our solid data-driven strategy helps you address workplace conditions that can improve employee well-being, engagement, retention, and productivity.
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Employee Engagement

Transpire employee engagement to highly-satisfying employee experience by investing in your employees capital, health, and wellness.
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ESG Invention

Build an ESG-friendly workplace where both employers and employees can witness the sustainable impacts that are contributed by each member at the organisation.
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Employee Wellbeing Matters

Reap the benefits together

1 %

Over 87% of employees said they consider health and wellness offerings when choosing an employer.

1 %

Employee morale is cited as the most improved (54%) indicator across implementing different wellness plans.

1 %

63% of employers offering wellness programs reported increased financial sustainability and growth.

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Stress Management Intervention

Mental health problems are a leading cause of global disease burden, contributing to significant labour force loss, and costs trillions of US dollars in lost productivity annually. Grievously, 42% of workers across the globe are suffering from work stress, and the numbers climb up to 87% in Hong Kong.

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What is Workplace Well-Being?

Well-being is commonly regarded as feeling good or experiencing fulfilment and purpose. It is a desirable state for many individuals and is increasingly targeted by organizations and societies. However, well-being is not stable. It fluctuates within shorter periods (days and weeks), and it can increase or decrease over longer periods (months and years).

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How To Enhance Corporate Volunteering Participation?

Corporate volunteering has tremendous benefits for employees, organizations, and the community. Indeed, attracting employees to engage in corporate volunteering programs for once is not difficult, the most challenging part is to retain volunteers in long-term efforts to contribute, so as to ensure the corporate volunteering programs are more than lip services and save costs for volunteer training. 

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How to Improve Employees' Job Engagement?

Employees are the most important asset of the company because they are vital for the success of an organization. Engaged employees play a significant role in boosting revenue and cost savings. In particular, engaged employees tend to be more motivated and satisfied with their jobs, which leads to higher productivity, better retention, less absenteeism, and decreased stress levels among employees.

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What is Compassion at Work?

Compassion at work refers to the practice of showing empathy and understanding towards coworkers, clients, and customers in the workplace. It involves demonstrating care and concern for others, even in stressful or challenging situations. Research suggests that compassion within the context of the workplace is relational and process orientated. There are six key organisational aspects that are relevant to compassion at work.

Why Expivotal

We are proud of what we do


Our programmes are built on the scientific study of human behaviours, which you can rely on to improve your performance and wellbeing


Our team members are accredited members from various professional psychology bodies around the world, whom you can trust to boost your career


All our training programmes are practice-focused, which allows you to easily transfer and apply the learnings to real-world settings


We understand you are aspired to have a breakthrough in your career. That is why we provide all-rounded talent development solutions to fulfil your need

360° Job Analysis

360° Job Analysis defines what skills and behaviours are needed to be successful in a specific job role. From identifying tasks and responsibilities to specifying the knowledge and abilities required, our comprehensive methodology helps develop and evaluate the position for staffing and training purposes.

Candidate Competency Assessment

Screening candidates can be a tough job for recruiters due to the high standard of objectivity and accuracy. By employing our talent competency assessment - POLAR, you can have a complete talent profile of each candidate to facilitate your selection process. Our team of people analysts are keen to provide consultation according to your talent demands.

Individual Competency Reports

POLAR is a state-of-the-art assessment tool to help recruiters understand their candidates in-depth. Every individual report is administered by our organisational psychologists and you can find all the talent information you need in the candidate report - strengths, areas of development, and fitness for the job. Thus, POLAR is also regarded as a catalyst in your final selection and onboarding stage.

Competency-based Interview Design

Interview is part of the science of selection. Every detail from the interview structure and questions to the preparation of the interviewer and feedback to the candidates matters. Stem from behavioural interviews, a well-constructed interview helps interviewers define success in each job role and responsibility. Thus, asking the right questions to get the most from the right talent.

CBS in Expivotal

The science of talent selection

Where only FIT matters

Talent ∝ Organisation = 100%

Expivotal’s Competency-Based Selection System (CBS) performs in the finest role in identifying the fittest talents according to the job profile. By matching each talent profile to a specific job profile, our sophisticated psychometric system measures each talent’s core characteristics and predicts their future job performance in a reliable and convenient way.

3x Return

A comprehensive and complete CBS helps improve corporate performance in three dimensions:

Financial: Save an annual cost of $240,000 every time an employee is wrongly hired

Individual: 4 times precision of predicting employee performance compared to traditional CV screening and interview

Team: 54% annual growth of organisational productivity when every employee’s competency is at an optimal level

Improve selection efficacy

A systematic competency interview

Focus on ‘Success Factors’

A standardised and behaviour-oriented interview methodology helps interviewers focus their attention on the ‘success factors’. By identifying and comparing each competency among a pool of job candidates, analysing the development potential of shortlisted talents, recruiters are allowed to make their final hiring decision in the most confident, reasonable, and fair manner.

Fill your pool with elites

A positive candidate experience could improve 38% efficiency in your recruitment campaign. We help you provide each candidate a detailed and customised competency report – POLAR before they exit the selection. Making candidates feel valued and respected has become the special ingredient for companies to create a candidate-centric recruitment strategy.

Make your candidates feel proud

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