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Employee Wellbeing

Employee Wellbeing

We deliver a great variety of services targeted to enhance one’s physical, mental, and social wellbeing. Ask yourself one question – is your wellbeing strategy focusing on SOLVING mental health issues or PREVENTING your people from burnout? In Expivotal, we can do both to help your people flourish at work and in life. 

Stress Management

Learn the best strategy to handle job stress with one of our most notable workshops.

Employee Fitness

Maintain composure to make sure everyone can take good care of each other.

Holistic Health

Escape workplace stress and achieve work-life balance with interacting activities.

Guest Sharing

Be inspired by talks delivered by different health practitioners around the world.
All-Round Topics
The most complete and innovative employee wellbeing programme you can find

With over 20 traditional and cutting-edge wellbeing topics, you can mix-and-match an all-in-one employee-wellbeing programme that fits your organisation and employees.

  • Complete Guide for Positive Wellbeing Culture
  • Job Design and Job Crafting
  • Managing and Preventing Employee Burnout
  • How to Manage Workplace Anxiety and Depression?
  • Work, Rest and Play: Cultivating Employee Resilience
  • Bringing Positive Psychology to the Workplace
  • Creating an Age-friendly and Sustainable Workplace
  • Complete Guide for Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • The Experience of Empathy in Everyday Life
  • The Art of Reflective Listening
  • Understand Yourself – Essential Guide for Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • The Power of Love, Self-acceptance and Sense of Belonging
  • Develop Positive Habits for Happiness, Health & Success
  • Managing Yourself – Step out of Your Comfort Zone
  • Work-Life Balance and Integration
  • It’s Now or Never  – Quiet Quitting in Gen Z Employees
  • Personal Coping in Tackling Work-Family Conflict
  • Essential Guide for Effective Time Management
  • Mindfulness Therapy – Improve Your Mental Wellbeing
  • Food & Your Mood: How Food Affects Mental Health
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine for Supporting Mental Health
  • Animal Therapy: Promoting an Integrative Healthy Work Environment
  • The Psychology of What We Wear to Work
  • Coffee & Tea – Key to Productive Workplace Culture

Why Choose Expivotal

We embrace challenges and drive changes.



Our solutions are built on the scientific study of human behaviours, which you can rely on to improve your performance, life, and wellbeing.



We are a team of accredited members from various professional psychology bodies, who you can trust to boost your organisational growth.



Our solutions are highly endorsed by business leaders across different industries as they see major practical values in adopting the innovative solution at their organisation.

Featured Article

What is Workplace Well-Being?

Well-being is commonly regarded as feeling good or experiencing fulfilment and purpose. It is a desirable state for many individuals and is increasingly targeted by organizations and societies. However, well-being is not stable. It fluctuates within shorter periods (days and weeks), and it can increase or decrease over longer periods (months and years).

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More Solutions

Talent Management

While corporates are competing for knowledge workers to be their valuable assets, a competency-based solution is inevitably required to attract the right talent. With the aid of psychometric tools, employees will become a natural fit to their job positions, granting them an opportunity to shine.

Employee Development

With our robust and diverse training programmes designed to enhance employee’s competency at work, employees will not only be able to transfer their learnings to the work environment, but also commit to their job with the increased motivation, job satisfaction, and self-efficacy.

Employee Wellbeing

In today's landscape, employee wellbeing can be essential to the success of your business. With our science-driven and human-centric method, we create engaging solutions to help you invest in your employee to unleash their true potential, as well as reinvent a sustainable corporate culture.


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