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Work-Life Balance and Integration

Find your balance to embrace integration and harmonise work and life.

Work-life Balance and Integration

Work-life balance refers to achieving a healthy equilibrium between work and personal life. It involves managing time and energy effectively to minimise stress and prioritise different aspects of life. Work-life integration blends work and personal activities seamlessly, utilising flexibility and technology. It aims to create a harmonious approach to managing work and personal life.

Why this training?

Well-Being and Quality of Life

When we strike a healthy equilibrium, we experience reduced stress levels, improved mental and physical health, and increased satisfaction in both personal and professional realms.

Enhanced Productivity

By effectively managing our time and energy, we can maintain focus, increase efficiency, and deliver high-quality work.

Sustainable Career Success

Identify core values and highlight the psychological benefits of aligning actions with personal priorities, such as increased motivation and a sense of purpose.

What to expect

Prioritise Personal Values

Identify core values and highlight the psychological benefits of aligning actions with personal priorities, such as increased motivation and a sense of purpose.

Effective Time Management

Provide practical techniques for managing time and setting boundaries, reducing stress, and enhancing focus at work.

Well-Being Practices

Explore psychological elements such as stress management, resilience-building techniques, and the positive effects of practising self-compassion for overall well-being.

Communication and Support Systems

Emphasise effective communication in expressing needs and establishing support systems through various channels.

Do you know that...

1 %

Employees who feel they have a good work-life balance are more likely to stay with their current company, reducing turnover costs. It costs an estimated average of 33% of an employee’s annual salary to replace them.

1 %

Companies with employees who reported having a good work-life balance and more likely to be engaged and productive at work; and companies with these employees outperform those without by up to 202%.

1 %

77% of surveyed employees say they have experienced burnout at their current job; 51% have experienced burnout more than once.

Strategic Employee Development

We are proud of what we do

Stimulate Self-Awareness

Our training can be applied to all industries and job positions at all levels. Employees are assessed with robust and reliable psychometric tools to identify their strengths and development areas. With tailor-designed individual and team training, employees are promised to unleash their potential and bring their success to the next level.

Competency-Based Development

Starting with a need analysis to identify the priority of training needs of each individual and team. Through redefining job roles and responsibilities, we help trainers to analyse the skills gaps of employees, formulate dynamic training plans, and design fitting programmes to ensure the training goals are essentially attained.

Aligned With Business Strategy

A standardised and behaviour-oriented strategy helps employers focus their attention on the ‘success factors’. By identifying and comparing each competency among a pool of job candidates, analysing the development potential of shortlisted talents, recruiters are allowed to make their final hiring decision in the most confident, reasonable, and fair manner.

Transfer of Learning

Our programmes are anchored with the goals of transfer of learning. We design the training sessions according to individual needs and realistic work situations in order to maximise the effectiveness of learning of employees. With the interactive content and the post-training evaluation, we ensure your employees are confident to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the appropriate situations

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Featured Article

Stress Management Intervention

Mental health problems are a leading cause of global disease burden, contributing to significant labour force loss, and costs trillions of US dollars in lost productivity annually. Grievously, 42% of workers across the globe are suffering from work stress, and the numbers climb up to 87% in Hong Kong.

Featured Article

What is Workplace Well-Being?

Well-being is commonly regarded as feeling good or experiencing fulfilment and purpose. It is a desirable state for many individuals and is increasingly targeted by organizations and societies. However, well-being is not stable. It fluctuates within shorter periods (days and weeks), and it can increase or decrease over longer periods (months and years).

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Our workshop offerings are customisable and are offered in a variety of formats, including onsite training and online virtual sessions.

Each programme is designed with different lengths, varied from 3 hours (half day), 7 hours (full day), to 14 hours (2 days).

All training is priced per group, not per person. Get a quotation from us now.

Our typical package includes trainer fees, training materials for on-site training and activities, and a complimentary media package with event photos and video highlights. In some programmes, assessments will be included before, during, and/or after the training.

Our consultant team will work with you throughout the training service, including pre-training telephone communication to discuss customised training needs and post-training follow-up and support.

Our trainers are accredited members from different professional bodies including the British Psychological Society and The Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology.

Talk to our consultant to discuss your training needs. We offer more than 25 different topics of training programmes and seminars.

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