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Applying psychology to the workplace.


Expivotal creates multiple robust solutions that are based on Organisational Psychology


All-round career services at your fingertips, including professional psychometric assessments, career coaching and planning, CV and Cover Letter engraving, and Personal Statement editing.


Extensive career upskilling services to advance your work life and efficiency, including competency assessment, career consultation, workplace counselling and online psychology courses.


Economical and highly effective talent management solutions to facilitate the implementation of your organisational strategy, including talent selection, employee training and performance management.

Our Value

To unveil the undiscovered talents

Everyone is unique and special. We believe as people recognise their own competencies and talents, they will be able to unleash their true potential and perform at the highest level consistently.

To advance practice with science

Change is inevitable in today’s workplace. We are prepared to provide our robust and innovative solutions to both corporates and individuals to facilitate adaptation to this ever-changing environment.

To bring psychology to our daily life

Psychology exists in our everyday work life. We design practical solutions with profound research and theories, enabling everyone to improve their work-life and productivity effortlessly.


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POLAR 勝任力評估

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind."
William James

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